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"It was the first time my soul was shaken by a song. Something flowed from within."

This scene just entered my top of best scenes in the anime, seriously, I cried… This was beautiful

I didn’t cry once, but every time I’ve seem it. Seriously, I turn into a puddle of crying goo every single time,

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cool. My brain hurts, but still cool.

cool. My brain hurts, but still cool.

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Ludwig appreciation post <3

Oh my looooooord <3

Gah So cute!

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I Was Cared About

Yesterday I wen to a concert featuring my fave band Skillet. The opening act of the concert was by We As Human. They began by saying, “This is for those who need it, for the broken.” I almost started crying because I do fall into that category. I needed to hear them. Then when Skillet were introducing their songs, “Sick of It” and “The Last Night”, they said it was dedicated to all those who need someone to be their for them, for those who were there for that momentary bit of joy, for those who can not see any good in themselves, for the broken. I felt so emotional that I was slightly crying when I heard that because I do fall into that category so I felt that they were singing those songs just for me. I was so happy and I just couldn’t believe that they really cared about people like that.

Today I went to a leadership thinggy that was about perusing your passions in life. When the thing started, the guy asked for volunteers for an unknown task. I raised my hand and he told me to leave the room for a minute, so I did. When I came back inside, they had opened the double doors for me and a group of 400+ people gave me a standing ovation for just being me. I almost started crying. During the thing, I also met the artist that did my fave mural in RVA, and I got to chat and get my picture with him. Later when they asked for people to tell what they got out of the thing, I told them how my parents weren’t super supportive of me and I thanked them for the support that I had so badly needed. I made a new friend and the guy that was running the whole thing at the end came up to me and gave me a note that said, “Your passion can change the world.” I almost started crying. I have never been so happy in my entire life. Nothing that nice or genuine has ever happened to me in my entire life. I just felt like for once I was actually useful and worth something. I am literally crying as I post this.

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I still don’t understand my new obsession with Naga!Hetalia. Oh well. Back to searching google for more pics X3.

A remake of this click n’ drag I made when the second season aired, at that time we didn’t know about Heavens, so here you have a new one with them! Reblog with your results.

Please tag this as epilepsy warning.

My results are:

Best Friend: Ringo
Senpai: Ren
Kouhai: Reiji
Rommate: Natsuki
First Kiss: Shining
Crush on you: Eiichi
Lover: Ranmaru
You work with: Shining
Your job: Manager

I got:

Best Friend- Ciel

Senpai- Ai

Kouhai- Ringo

Roommate- Syo

FIrst Kiss- Masato

Crush on you- Ittoki

Lover- Ren

You work with- Tokiya

Your Job- Idol

Cool :3 no one totally odd and annoying.

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